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Tooth loss is a dental issue that can occur for a variety of different reasons – from a random accident to excessive tooth decay. Tooth loss can cause a number of oral health problems when left untreated. Bozeman Family Dentistry offers dentures to replace missing teeth and restore their proper appearance. Our skilled Bozeman dentist, Dr. David Bowen, will create the perfect dentures that match your natural teeth and complete your beautiful smile.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made, removable replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. They’re used to improve the functional and aesthetic appearance of a natural smile. These removable replacement teeth provide a certain level of convenience over other dental enhancements, as they can be easily taken out and placed back in. Here at Bozeman Family Dentistry, we offer two different types of dentures to fit all of our patients needs:

  1. Partial Dentures
  2. Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually recommended for those missing just a few teeth. A partial denture is a plate that has one or more prosthetic teeth attached to it. It is specially molded by our Bozeman dentist to fit directly over the area affected by tooth loss. The remainder of your teeth will be left uncovered, and the partial dentures will cover the missing gap to complete your natural smile.

Complete Dentures

If you have experienced substantial tooth decay, complete (or full) dentures are more than likely the better option for you. Complete dentures are designed to replace all teeth, and are usually recommended when all or many teeth are missing. These dentures completely cover the top and/or bottom of your natural teeth, and attach directly to your jaw and gumline.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are a great solution for missing teeth. They provide an affordable and convenient option to restore your natural-looking smile. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, dentures at Bozeman Family Dentistry offer many benefits to those living with tooth loss. These benefits include:

  • Restores the function of your teeth
  • Improves the ability to bite, chew and eat
  • Frees you from dietary restrictions caused by tooth loss
  • Improves your speech
  • Easily removed for oral hygiene care
  • Protects existing teeth from extra wear and tear
  • Restores your confidence with a beautiful smile

Dentures in Bozeman, Montana

Dr. David Bowen, DDS, at Bozeman Family Dentistry is one of the leading dentists in Bozeman, Montana. We offer partial and complete dentures for patients all throughout Bozeman, Big Sky, Paradise Valley, Belgrade, Livingston, and the surrounding Montana areas. To find out if dentures would make a good solution to your tooth loss problem, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bowen by filling out the form below or giving us a call at (406) 577-2015.

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